Body 'System' to Societal 'System'

When a thing is in the throws of malfunctioning or deteriorating, if the means of it’s decay remains unknown and our approach is just to cut it out, then this is serious neglect, and appears to be the structure of the common revolution. Time and time again revolutions lead into systems of organ-izing people to their needs, where appears the same increase of general neglect, to where people in this common negligence seek just to cut out the organ before understanding the means of it's failure.

An organ of the body you would not treat this way.

It is better to understand how the parts of a system mal-function or deteriorate or become corrupted. So to be better enabled to affect it for the better and recover.

But then there are cancers which are just too great in size no doubt, though still a blind-eye mentality still gives space for these issues to grow.