Bojangles gets Househusband-ified
After having some discussions with my sister-in-law about how to best make this whole world of Dr. Househusband come alive and be a place that people want to spend time in each week, I have made some adjustements to the goals and to the rewards on the page. One of the rewards I am offering is to make a thing of your choice into a thing that will exist in the world of Dr. Househusband. If you're reading the strips, then you can see that everyone's eyes are covered. Partly that is because Wembly is my favorite Fraggle. What I'm telling you here is that if you sign up to be a patron at one of the tiers that includes the Househusband-ification of a thing of your choice, then that thing will have its eyes covered. Unbelievable! Where else on this planet could you get a deal like that?

And for the moment, I am going to be uploading the videos of the cartooning of said things to my youtube channel (and of course they'll be linked here) using the screen capture in Procreate. This means that I am a bit limited in what I can do with the actual initial cartoon work due to my lack of skill with that program currently. But maybe I'll get better at it with more time and then I'll like it as much as I like Clip Studio Paint? At some point, though, I plan to do videos of my Clip Studio Paint process recorded directly from my Mac. Most of this recording stuff is new to me, so it's gonna take a little learning. And, as the updated goals show, it's gonna potentially require some more equipment and harddrive space. So, you know, if you support me, then you can help make that stuff happen. And, remember, support comes in more forms than money. Tell someone if you think a comic is funny. Share it with them. Not only does this help me, it actually makes the world a more enjoyable place to live in. Talking to the people around you can make life more enjoyable. Not all the time, of course. But sometimes.