#1 Boldly Went Storytelling Method: A Simple 5 Rule Strategy to Writing and Telling Your Captivating Adventure Story Instructional Video Series (5:03)
We believe everyone has a story that is meaningful and impactful and we are trying to make it so simple to share those stories that even buddies who fear public speaking the most can do it confidently and in a way that captivates the crowd.  

That's why I'm so very excited to be releasing this Intro Video, the first in a series, to tell you about our latest class where we are teaching you how to write and tell your adventure story in front of a live audience. The full class will be released as exclusive content to our Adventure Buddy Patreon Supporters as a way for us to say thanks for your ongoing support and to get your feedback about these classes and get ideas for other valuable content that you'd like to see us create for you. You'll also find it on Skillshare when it goes live.

The video is amateur...I know...but the goal here is not really to create a blockbuster, it's just to get you the information you need to be able to stand in front of an audience and knock their (dirty) socks off.  Best of all, we also think you can work through this method in 1 hour, less with ongoing practice,   so that you can have your story ready no matter where you find yourself.  

Whether you’re a professional adventurer giving a presentation to a large crowd, or an amateur outdoor athlete who has been invited to speak in front of a group of friends, this class is for you.

You’ll learn how to tell a captivating and compelling adventure story and incorporate it into any upcoming adventure presentation or talk. 

We’ll cover the Boldly Went Outdoor Adventure Storytelling Method, a 5-rule strategy that you can use to put any one of your captivating outdoor adventure stories together in an hour or less. 

As a class project, you’ll use the Boldly Went Worksheet to construct a solid outline of your outdoor adventure story that will fully engage and have people sitting on the edge of their seats.

This class is geared toward the individual outdoor adventurer who is preparing a story to be told to any sized live audience. No experience is necessary. The points speak specifically to individual outdoors enthusiasts and athletes who want to make their presentations and conversations more engaging and worthwhile. 

Outdoor businesses, brands, and companies are encouraged to refer their individual presenters to this class to use as a guide to make their presentations more engaging. If your business or brand is looking to improve effectiveness of your current presentations, get in contact for our corporate consulting services. 

This class will also be posted on Skillshare when it's completed so follow us over there.

Join us as as an Adventure Buddy (for as little as $4) to follow and learn on the Boldly Went Patreon Page!

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Throughout this class we walk you through the worksheet we prepared for you to help you get your story ready. 

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