Hi, lovely patrons! I've got quite a lot to catch you up on over the next few days. I'm going to start with some updates on what's been going on with Bond.

The biggest news is that we (finally!) launched our full website. It was designed and built by Paulo Pereira, featuring illustrations by Lisa Tegtmeier and identity work by Matt Lehman, and is just an exceptional product of this unique collaboration between three consummate creative professionals and also a little bit me and I absolutely love it. It may be the best event website we've ever built.

In addition to that, this morning we announced our full conference lineup, which includes:

  • Erica Baker, who is now Senior Engineering Manager at Patreon
  • Vlogger and illustrator Kat Blaque 
  • Gary Chou, who teaches Entrepreneurial Design at the School of Visual Arts, and runs Orbital
  • Writer and artist Austin Kleon 
  • Indhira Rojas, founder of Anxy Magazine
  • Jesse Thorn, owner of Maximum Fun and host / producer of Bullseye and Jordan, Jesse, Go!
  • and Jamie Wilkinson, who is now Chief Product Officer at Kickstarter

... not to mention all the excellent folks joining us to offer advice and lend support at Office Hours, including Karlee Esmailli from Blackbox, Jay, Nathan, and Michelle from Cotton Bureau, lawyer and contract wizard Katie Lane, financial advisor Lillian Karabaic, and lots lots more besides.

Tickets are on sale now: ... but also since you're a supporter of mine here on Patreon, you can get 10% off your pass by entering discount code "ANDY" at checkout.

Thank you again for all your support, friends. Hope to see some of you in San Francisco next month!