Bonus Cartoon: Garbage Human
No charge for this cartoon, which is about an obscure news story that I hope most of my readers are blessedly unaware of.

Basically, the anti-social-justice movement - while using anonymous accounts to maintain a very thin sort of deniability - has spent literally years attacking and harassing Anita Sarkeesian in vicious ways. All of the misogynistic abuse in the above cartoon is quoted near-verbatim from a single week of tweets from anonymous twitter accounts. (And there were many, many more tweets than just the few I quoted.)

At a recent convention, a whole bunch of anti-Social Justice folks - including  Carl Benjamin, a prominent youtuber who has often attacked Sarkeesian (accusing her of being a con artist, suggesting that she isn't emotionally distraught enough to be genuinely bothered by harassment, etc) - arrived early at a panel Sarkeesian was on so they could take up the front two rows, so they'd be certain not to be missed. Sarkeesian, seeing them, called Benjamin a "garbage human."  And ever since, Benjamin and his many followers and fans have been pathetically whining about how terrible this abuse is.

But calling someone a "garbage human," once, because he and his movement have been attacking you for years is not even remotely the same as what the anti-SJW movement has been doing to Sarkeesian and other (mostly) women for years.

Anyway, I thought of this cartoon last night in bed, and couldn't resist drawing it today. Hope you enjoy. My next cartoon will be about issues people have actually heard of, I promise!