Hi folks. IDK if you've seen my social media for a bit, but re my recent (patron-only) posts from Mom's, where I'd gone down to look after her affairs while she was in the hospital...  She did not get better. She passed away, peacefully, on March 9th. I stayed to handle the memorial and interment, and just got back to NYC. After nearly a month away, Ozzy is welcoming me back in proper fashion. Pay no attention to my swollen ankles, btw; happens every time I fly more than a couple of hours.

I'm as okay as I can be. In many ways my mother's death was well-foreshadowed. I don't talk about my personal life much in public, but I've been quietly dealing with the matter for a couple of years now. In other ways,  though, this was way too sudden and I wasn't ready. I don't think anyone ever can be.  So I'm tired, and heartbroken... but my family and friends have had my back all the while. I'll be all right eventually.

No need to promote my Patreon or up your contributions or anything, please note. I'm good right now. If you're feeling so inclined, though, and you've got the additional resources to do so, please support some of my fellow authors on Patreon. I could spend this last month with my mother because this Patreon allowed me to quit my day job.  I still lost some money because I had to cancel two planned appearances and a lecture, but I was secure enough to lose that income and still function because of all of you. Other artists deserve that kind of security, too, don't you think? So thank you, and please help them.

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