Bonus content: Halloween 2018
Didn't win, alas. But I liked how it came out.



(2018 Secret World Legends Poetry Contest)

Have you embraced and chased the Broadcast’s Lord? 

A hiss of static truth, Presenting lore

Profoundly hid in math’s relentless chord,

Placed close to deaths; which warns what is in store.

You’ll search in graves, walk with the restless dead

Half-trapped between this clumsy world and next;

And when their numbers burn inside your head

Look then to get a sane man’s frantic text.

Long trip you’ll make, to vampire-haunted lands.

On Gaia’s quest you’ll be, to put down ghosts

Who picked unholy halls to make their stands;

Excise them all, confront their tattered host. 

Extend this Age’s grasp, and end His reign.

No dead may rule. Not even at Samhain.