Bonus: Dream Daddy vs. Nazis
This is inspired by recent events as well as the story I'm working on for September. Requested by Ana Mardoll.



When the Nazis come to Maple Bay…

- Brian holds you. Just comes to your house and opens his big arms for a hug, pulling you in and holding you tight and helping you feel safe and protected.

- Craig is on the front lines, protecting the counter-protesters. (River wanted to come, but he told her she can’t punch Richard Spencer until she learns not to put her thumb inside her fist.)

- Mat hands out water bottles throughout the day so nobody at the counter-protest gets dehydrated. He leads the chants and protest songs, keeping spirits high despite the ugliness they face.

- Damien documents the whole thing with cold fury and biting, eloquent commentary. The video ends up going viral, which he pretends not to know about.

- Joseph starts the day with a philosophy of “fight hate with love,” but gets steadily angrier as the day progresses and the white supremacists somehow remain unmoved by loving kindness and sweet reason. He eventually ends up spluttering Bible verses in a fit of outrage at a bearded man who claims to be a Christian and is not, Joseph eventually concludes in disappointment, arguing in good faith. 

- Hugo spends the entire day engaged in his own futile argument, angrily going toe to toe with the Neo-Nazis' apologists. He decimates their claims with sound logic, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The exchange is heated; at one point his glasses come off. It very nearly comes to blows, but the Neo-Nazi decides that the tweedy professorial man isn’t worth it. He will never know how lucky he is.

- Mary hangs out at the back, cynically bored and waiting for the fighting to start so she and her first aid kit will be of some use.

- …And Robert, when asked, pretends not to give a shit about the whole thing. Meanwhile he sneaks around the lines and slashes every one of their tires.