Bonus early access poster art for 5 and up patrons: America The Me

This asshole, ammirite. Ever since Trump was elected he has acted, in literally every way, as if the United States belongs to him. This self-involved view of his position is no secret and spills out into every interaction he has. It’s super cringy. But the thing is, America is the land of the diverse people who live here, and the Constitution was created to insure that everyone who lives here is treated equal. The people who formed this country were leaving monarchies behind and that was clearly written into our governing papers. It’s America the free, not America the me. We really need to get rid of this dude.

I release this art to the public for non commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial (CC-BY-NC) license.

It’s attached here for you to download. It was intended to print at 22” high by 28” wide.

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