Bonus Early September Video, new "Project Intro"
As I grow the online footprint, I think there's finally enough good footage over the past year to create a proper "welcome" video to post and introduce people to the project.

I also think it's necessary now that there's so much footage on YouTube, that the core concept of the project may be either too watered down or not clear enough for new viewers.   

So here it is,  ready for your viewing pleasure.

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Patrons Only
Pledge $1 or more per month
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The basic level,  this gets you all the exclusive Patron content on the site, and lifts my spirits as it means I have another person who believes in my project.
Pledge $5 or more per month
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Patrons at the $5 level will get all the same access to all exclusive content,  but I'll also include you in the closing credits during every month that you are an active Patron.

You'll also receive a 3" tall set of the current 104 numbering in the new Red/Silver colors.
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