Tier Benefits
Pledge $5 per month
$5 or more per month
Your BROWN BELT awaits you. You'll earn the right to access BONUS EPISODES  and... RECYCLE THIS! --  the book Al Gore’s greeniacs tried to kill - but could not.  151 lavishly illustrated pages with dozens of outrageous audio comments from Johnny Glo-Skull.   See Hollywood eco-frauds bitch slapped and exposed. You'll be mad enough to kill, but laughing too hard to do it.

Download it now. (If audio tracks won’t play, download Adobe Reader free and they will.)

Pledge $10 per month
$10 or more per month
Congratulations! Wear your RED BELT proudly. You shall earn a SIGNED COPY of Larry's best seller, SURVIVAL GEAR FOR YOUR CAREER. You're on your way to complete mastery of the Art of TAKE NO SHIT. Lower-level rewards also included. You are most wise.
Pledge $20 per month
$20 or more per month

At this exalted level (Elvis wore a concho belt) you shall earn a signed copy of Survival Gear for Your Career AND a custom recording (your script) by Larry ("Mr. Velvet") for your ring tone or voice mail announcement. (Content subject to approval). All lower-level rewards also included. (A hell of a deal!)

Gold Belt/Kitchen Sink (Live call, access to all bonus episodes + both books)
$100 or more per month
TALK WITH LARRY -- A live, one-on-one online call with Larry. Got a tricky problem? He's got answers.  To set up a call, email Larry at [email protected] (If you need only one call, cancel after first month) Of course all other rewards are included. This level is all-access to the dojo, senseis, books, custom recordings, bonus episodes - everything!
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