Bonus show notes: Serendipity City episode 4
Spoilers for episodes 1-4 of Serendipity City below! 

I referenced a lot of images in episode four, and wanted to put them all in one spot for your perusal! 

First off, here's the (...extremely rough) city map we've been referencing along the way: 

That big wavy horizontal stripe across the middle is the river, with two bridges going over it. I'm still working on a more detailed map with some sense of scale (to give you an idea, the city is intended to be on the scale of like...Singapore, NYC, London - very big! and for the river, I was thinking something akin to the Mississippi, specifically I was thinking of this big-ass bridge by Memphis that I've driven over several times). 

Here's the layouts for the warehouse exterior & interior: 

Note that they both have a note that says "not to scale," because I fully expected one of the players to be like "OH HO HO these stairs are really tiny!" or something if I didn't include such a note. 

Here's the reference image I used for the mecha-golem/automaton: 

Of course, like I said, think way more androgynous, much larger, no mouth or nose, and glowing red eyes + glowing red runes running down its face to its solar plexus region. I want to draw it up sometime in the next few weeks whenever I have time (along with Lashelle because I mean...hello!). 

I also thought you might like to see the flashcards I made for the players to help refresh their memories on who was who. Which, funny story, nobody looked at while we were playing. Later, I said to Evan, "Nobody looked at my notecards that I made for y'all!" He was like, "Uh, I thought those were for you, and I didn't touch them because I know how you are with your organizational stuff." 😂

Last but not least! If you're not following the podcast blog on Tumblr, you might enjoy it. Particularly this post that goes into gender/sexuality politics in the 20s, which is one reason I drew off the 20s so much for Serendipity City.  

I think that's it. Let me know if you have any questions & thanks as always for being here! 

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