BONUS VIDEO!! "Hello/Sorry" Mashup!!
Hello my amazing patrons :D

Here is an extra free video for your amazingness. This is a little mashup of Adele's new single "Hello" with "Sorry" by Justin Beiber....and with "I'm Alive" by Sia snuck in there for like two seconds xD.  The track will be available for download and streaming soon, so keep an eye out for that!

I had so much fun recording this with Matt.  He, along with his collaborator Hannah, are currently working with me on some super awesome videos for this Christmas, so I can WAIT to share those with you.

Know that in the coming months, I'm making more music videos.  But STILL my Patreon will be capped at only one or two Patreon videos per month, depending on what kind of budget I'm using (like when there are one or two where I involve more collaborators).  I'll probably talk about this in an update post where I can elaborate on exactly how I'm using Patreon to improve my content!

If you have more suggestions for translates and covers (or vlogs!) then let me know in the comments below!!

You all are beyond wonderful.  Thank you for your immense support, and I could not be more inspired what is ahead.  I feel like I'm starting to take more control of my YouTube career now, and it's insanely exciting.  So thank you for giving me that :D

Lots of love