Booblesque (or Burlesque, as some call it)! And why I’m asking for your support...

Hello Gorgeous! I’m thrilled and terrified you’re here!!! And, since my 39th birthday is coming up this Dia de los Muertos (depending who you ask), I’m throwing in a little Patreon special birthday deal that benefits new members.

Anyone who becomes a member between now and Nov 3, at ANY Peace Love & Wine Club tier level (even $1/month in the virtual tip jar) will get access to behind the scenes and extended video footage of my new burlesque adventures that will ONLY be available to members of the club through or at

In the future, this footage will likely be a 3rd or 4th tier access item. (*Note: Some of this may be access to special links of pastiesfull footage and be Not Safe For Work or at least Questionable for Work).

For the past couple of years I’ve been producing and releasing my show the Peace Love & Wine Podcast. ✌🏻💕🍷 You can listen for free on your favorite podcast player, app or directly at PLW (, then click “Listen to the Peace Love & Wine Podcast”).

It’s a show where I have “Happy Hour Conversations” with Awesome Women, Fempreneurs and a few cool pirates and mermen. We talk about self-care, sisterhood, and creativity to minimize stress and maximize joy.

But I want to have a better impact! And, I want to get paid to be creative, explore, and be the weirdest, most glorious version of myself who flys my freak flag high, entertains, inspires, provokes reflection and joy in your life and the lives of others.

And if I fail miserably at that, embarrass myself and my family, and struggle ever after to make an income in the “real world,” it will be worth it because it was for a good cause and I gave it all I could. In this case, there will be a charitable component from each show, starting with helping find a cure for ALS.

As some of you know, I have a close family member who was diagnosed with ALS about 6 years ago. I have to do something big and this is the thing everything inside me is telling me I MUST DO. I’ve been working on writing my first book, about the magic of collaborations, and I believe this could be my own magical collaboration story in the making.

The working title of this adventure in boob clowning (the Burlesque show) is

T&A for ALS (The Naughtiest Show to Save Humanity).

My vision is as follows. I can’t promise exactly how it will take shape. This idea might be financially unfeasible (still doing the research). But it looks something like this...

I team up with local restaurants, artists, and charities. I produce a Burlesque show that benefits small biz, the performance artists, and a charity. We would provide some PR to the collaborators. So ticket sales would support all those things.

And Peace Love & Wine Club members/Patrons get special access behind the scenes and help us as microproducers of the podcast and other entertainment we (me, myself, and I) help facilitate.

If this sounds awesome, please consider donating any level today and help us get to our first 5 members and beyond!


p.s. Thank you to current patrons Theresa Nguyen and Linda Joe producer of Accidental Joy the Musical. 💕And thank you to our newest patron, the super human Arthur Davis!