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Boogie-Woogie Spaceship Stowaway feat. Sasha Smith
Hello Patrons! Here's a new tune featuring our good friend Sasha Smith on the piano. We've also got a fun video with some behind the scenes footage and some interesting facts thanks to the videography and editing skills of Sarah Pigion. I've attached an mp3 of the tune as well. We really appreciate your support and we hope you guys like this tune, we sure had a blast making it. Another thing...below is a story inspired by this song. Please imagine the following events unfolding while you listen. This song tells the story of a hard-luck boogie-woogie pianist who, in an attempt to escape the doldrums of his life on Earth, stows away on a spaceship carrying the first expedition of humans to colonize Mars. After liftoff, he makes his presence known by bursting forth from the cargo hold and playing a raucous boogie-woogie solo on the ships piano (all spaceships have a ships piano). After the dazzling performance, his fellow passengers begin to wonder just who he is and what exactly he expects to eat on this carefully rationed three month journey to the red planet. The gravity of his situation begins to sink in and he realizes that the grass is not always greener in space.