Book 2 Chapter 16: Spatial and Strengthening [First Draft]

The group of five were all soon seated or in a position to listen comfortably. Hazel and Alisa were sitting on Hazel's bed while George and Emma were reclining on two leather chairs and Scott was leaning against the wall while one of his hands was running through his short red hair.

"Today we won't be talking about any other possible members. The Prince's advances have gotten to a dangerous level, so I've decided that we should leave tonight, in fact, we should go right now," Hazel said to the other four people present with a serious tone. Instantly a look of agreement flashed through Alisa and Scott's expressions whereas Emma's was showing one of excitement and George's was full of worry.

"However, before we leave, I need to ask again. George, Emma, are you two really sure you want to join us to find Mr.Mc- Lone?" Hazel had said before she corrected her way of addressing Lone in front of her new friends. "Doing so could easily get you two labelled as traitors," she continued to the two nobles with concern. Obviously, Hazel knew the two genuinely wanted to help thanks to her ability, but they were still the children of two of the most influential people in the Kingdom so their defection could easily spark some massive conflict or help in strengthening the King's case against Lone.

"Don't be stupid. I've always been a lazy person, but if there is one thing I can't stand, it's betrayal. Lone is most definitely the least dishonest person I know. I'm not talented in anything, but I'm not going to betray my friend who helped me and still didn't hate me after my father had so brazenly attacked him which started their petty feud. For once in my life, let me do the right thing," George requested with tears in his eyes. He was getting quite emotional. George never felt in place with the noble's of Milindo, and he had finally discovered why. He detested the corruption of the upper echelon. Now he had a chance to affect that corruption by helping Lone, so he felt it was his duty to do so.

"Eh? I never knew you could say so many words, Georgie. Anyway, I don't really care. Daddy will look out for me. Since I'm a genius, so I don't need to worry about being called a traitor, and I really wanna help the handsome Foxkin, so yeah, I still wanna come!" Emma said with stars in her eyes and with a charm to her voice. She was quite clearly infatuated with Lone for whatever reason despite his violent treatment towards her during the fighting competition.

"I'm glad. It's reassuring having people that...Lone is familiar with from this planet with us," Hazel said with a smile after she had confirmed that George and Emma's real thoughts matched their words and she then turned to look at the short, blonde-haired beauty. "Alisa, are you sure your power can get us out of the Palace safely?" she asked her with some worry in her voice. Although she knew the details of Alisa's skill, Hazel wanted to make sure that absolutely nothing would go wrong during their escape.

Alisa knew her skill could do that job, but regardless, she went to check it one final time before answering Hazel.

Due to the user being a summoned hero, gained Unique Skill:

Unique Skill: Spatial Alteration

Effect 1:Allows the user to alter the fabric of space

Effect 2:Grants the user maximum affinity to spatial magic

Restriction 1:Can only be learnt by the user, Alisa Mikhailov

Restriction 2:Can only be used twice per month

Mastery:Not available due to the nature of the skill

This power allowed Alisa to, in essence, teleport. She had yet to find any other uses for the ability, although she was sure that there were other ways to utilise the power due to how vague the description was. This was one of the other reasons why sh wanted to help Hazel. Their group's destination was The Academy because that was where Lone was apparently heading and Alisa was hoping to learn about spatial magic there to increase her own knowledge of her skill.

"Y-Yeah...I can get us out of the palace, but I'm not sure how close to the Academy I can get us since I didn't test the limits the first time I used the ability," Alisa answered truthfully. She had indeed checked the power, but it only got her to the courtyard of the Palace from her room since she didn't want to waste the second usage of the ability this month for a return trip. Using it had drained her of some mana, but not enough for her to notice.

"Yeah? So do we have to do anything here, or is it all you, Alisia?" Scott asked the short girl from across the room. He too was eager to leave Milindo since the sooner they left, the sooner they could find Lone and the sooner Scott could get answers about returning to Earth.

"It's Alisa. And yes, we all need to hold hands for me to teleport us all. At least I think we do since I don't think I can do it just by thinking about teleporting all five of us," Alisa replied to which everyone present nodded. Alisa had spoken to Emma a bit regarding magic due to her knowledge on the subject and was widely known amongst mages that to include someone in a spell, you had to be in physical contact with them unless you were an exceedingly powerful individual that could forcefully include people into their spells.

"As we discussed before, can you please enhance the effects of Alisa's skill, Scott? Teleporting five people a significant distance will be too much without your help," Hazel asked the average-looking, redheaded youth. 

"Yeah yeah, sure. Really, I already said I'd use my Skill Strengthening on her; it's so annoying how you go over every detail like a million times," Scott grumbled before he stopped leaning on the wall and walked up to Alisa. He then placed his left hand on her shoulder and closed his eyes. Immediately after, he activated his skill.

Due to the user being a summoned hero, gained Unique Skill:

Unique Skill: Skill Strengthening

Effect 1:Allows the user to strengthen the skills of other users at the cost of all the user's stamina

Effect 2:Permenantly triples the user's stamina

Restriction 1:Can only be learnt by the user, Scott Miles

Mastery:Not available due to the nature of the skill

George, Emma and Hazel then held each other's hands and connected with Alisa's hand. George was at the end of the linkage of hands, so he put his arm around Scott in preparations to catch him after he had used his skill. Thankfully Scott's skill had no usage limit, but every time he did use it, he would collapse due to is consuming every single point of his stamina.

Upon seeing that everyone was ready, Alisa used her skill with The Academy as her intended destination. As soon as Scott felt Alisa's skill being used, he immediately strengthened it and lost collapsed into George's arm. George was never very physical, so he was struggling to hold up Scott, but he continued holding up Scott despite how much the muscular teenager weighed.

Mere moments later, a green rift surrounded by bolts of yellow lightning appeared in the middle of the five before it sucked all of them into it.

"EMMA!" a roar sounded out before Hazel's room collapsed entirely. "FUCK! I was too late...fuck!" Henry Malik shouted in frustrated while he floated midair above the now ruined room. Mere moments ago he had detected a vast amount of mana being used in the location of his daughter, so he naturally came to investigate, but he was too late to stop the skill, and he had now lost his daughter.

"This is your fault, George...I'll have your head for this, that damned bastard son of yours must have seduced my daughter into joining those Heroes..." Henry began mumbling before he left to find the King and inform him of what had happened and to request a search party be sent out to find his ever so precious daughter.