Book #3 Schedule
[EDIT: updating as I go along, so this is also the record of what tasks are currently completed. - Heidi, Feb 6, 2018]

Here's the schedule for the next Vintage Coloring patronage book to benefit the children's literacy Kids Need To Read that is supported by this Patreon project:


  • Select and order 20 images = DONE!
  • Decide on cover image = DONE!
  • Clean 5 images = DONE!


  • Clean up 15 images = DONE!
  • Color cover = DONE!


  • Create twenty 4” x 6” images from 20 images ... or possibly clean 10 spot images ... actually was able to clean up another 5 full page illustrations to use  = DONE!
  • Write back cover copy = DONE!
  • Design front and back cover = DONE!


  • Write interior copy
  • Create book file
  • Upload files to printer
  • Create sale page for online retailer
  • Order printed proof
  • Review printed proof


  • If necessary, fix issues and order another printed proof
  • Make book available for sale

November has been a productive month in that the 20 images for the book and the cover have been decided on. 

This was a bigger task than I initially anticipated, because while I have worked with multiple copies of the same source material (Alice in Wonderland), those different books had the same illustrations. 

Turns out the 1899, 1901, and 1903 copies I'm working with for this patronage coloring book all had *mostly* the same illustrations ... except when they didn't. And those same illustrations would sometimes have different treatments, as in some part of the drawing was shaded, or even in color, compared to a black-and-white line drawing. So in total, there were close to 250 illustrations to review and sort. 

Another difference from the previous Land of Oz patronage book is there are more spot illustrations (single character, no background) than full page ones. That's why in January, I may not make the 4" x 6" postcard sized images, and instead, clean up 10 of the simpler spot images so the book will still have 30 pages, this time of 30 unique designs. Not sure until I get there, but that's the feeling I have looking at the art at this time.

I'll post public progress reports as before of how the book is coming along. The target is to have it published in mid-March, to accommodate an extended family visit and for KNTR to be able to have copies in stock to sell at Phoenix Comicon in May.

Thank you kindly,



The Art of John R. Neill, Volume 1, features images from the novel Ozma of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum, and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble .  

The Art of John R. Neill, Volume 2, features images from the novel The Tin Woodman of Oz, and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For anyone living outside the US, you can order both patronage coloring books from the  Book Depository for free shipping worldwide.

To see all of the pages within these books, please visit the Vintage Coloring website where you can also download a free coloring page not included in the books.