Book Choices For April 2019


Here ya go... this month's $20 level book giveaway. Three books to choose from... I'll send you a message if you qualify by the 25th so you can tell me which book you'd like, although you telling me as soon as you see the choices makes my life easier, too!

I'll personalize it and ship it to ya. How's that sound? 

Cutoff for this level will be the 25th of each month, so if you're interested in getting a signed book, join today!

Each month three different books will be offered on a rotating basis, and when a new book is released it will definitely be part of the choices (unless it is cost-prohibitive, like when I am working through some publishers).

Books to choose from (please select one and message me or post as a comment which one you'd like:

Dying Days 3 - original cover and size for this release. Only a few of these left.

United States of Apocalypse - co-written with Mark Tufo. An alternate reality world for Darlene Bobich (my Dying Days series) and Tufo's Mike Talbot (Zombie Fallout)

Pandemic: An Anthology of Affliction - Contains a brand new short story, "Hand Of An Alien," from me as well as a bunch of other cool stories (not by me)

As always, thank you for the great support of my writing and career!


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