Book cover for "Start Here" is done!
Woot! Woot! So after much deliberation, the book cover is done!  

This cover is for the first book in a series of books I'm doing called, "Start Here."  The goal for this book is for it to be a "crash course" to all of the words, concepts, and FAQs that a person needs to know when trying to understand, navigate, and heal from a narcissistically abusive relationship. 

I'm really excited about this book.  It's everything I wish I'd had known about seven years when I was trying to make sense of the devasation in my life, and based on all of the experiences and questions I hear from others, I really think this will be a great starting point for them too. 

The cover design might seem kinda strange, so let me explain what I was going for.  

I wanted to put descriptive words on it, as most people that are new to this concept most likely won't readily associate what they are experiencing as "narcissistic abuse," so my hope is that some of these words would resonate with them. 

 I realize that the gray "word bank" at the top of the cover is hard to read, and it's partially designed that way. I played around with different colors for the font, but then realized that if this book is going to be on Amazon, the image is going to be a thumbnail size and difficult to read in any font color. 

I landed on gray because I wanted to capture the chaos and "FOG" of confusion that goes hand-in-hand with narcissistic abuse--and I also wanted it to be subtle so the cover wasn't too visually overwhelming.  

I went with green, because I was thinking green=go/start, and because it felt optimistic. I originally had the GPS pointer as red, but then with the green title block is looked a little to "Christmas-y."  

So I hope that I was able to capture what I was going for adequately enough. ...I can't believe how much time and thought went into a book cover, and I hope you guys like it!