Book Design Update
Morning, Patrons! Just an update on the progress of the book. I have pretty much the first draft fully laid out. Right now we are clocking in at 140 pages. The sequential art part of the story (the comics) make up around 100-ish pages. The "Lonely Ones" prose/illustration portion - which now BEGINS the book (because it makes more sense that way) - is 19 pages - that's bonus content that will not appear online. And quite honestly, it sets up the story rather nicely. I had my wife and daughters do a read through over the weekend, and they really liked it, and they liked have the Lonely Ones story up front. In the back of the book is a "Behind the Page" section that contains background info on how I created the book, including development sketches from myself and Wouter. That may extend a few more pages if I put in some process shots from how a page is constructed, which I would like to do. I will be using IndieGoGo as a sort of "preorder" platform. I was going to avoid the crowdfunding thing, but this will allow me to collect the money and have everything all in one place. But I will be doing it pretty low key. I will be including signed/numbered bookplates in each book, with the option for a sketch. I'll probably be making "skullbot" stickers as well (you may remember those from last year. Frankly I should have production of the book wrapped up fairly soon. I just need to do the covers/spine and some design tweaking. I'm hoping to maybe deliver the book before the story ends online. We'll see.