Please get these books out of my house! (Extra contributors' copies.)

Free giveaway: leave a comment and I will pick someone for each book by random number generator. Shipping's on me anywhere reasonable on the planet (Finland is fine, Antarctica maybe not so much).

- Warrior Women, ed. Paula Guran. This includes my short story "The Knight of Chains, the Deuce of Stars," as well as Jane Yolen, Nalo Hopkinson, Aliette de Bodard, and others. (NOTE: This is not strictly a sword & sorcery anthology; "warrior women" is defined very liberally, and the anthology appears to be broken into thematic sections.)

- Meeting Infinity, ed. Jonathan Strahan. This includes my short story "The Cold Inequalities" (new), as well as works by Nancy Kress, Gwyneth Jones, Ramez Naam, and others.

I will pick winners at some point during the coming week and let y'all know.

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