(Blog series: we are a week into the UK tour of my new book Happiness Is An Art Form - all about the book and how to order it HERE. )

The other day, I had a wander through one of my favorite Edinburgh book shops, Word Power Books, and there - on the poetry shelf - it was. My very own book! In one of my favorite book shops! I felt so proud and excited I immediately left without saying a word, afraid I might start to smile-cry in the shop if I did anything else. I did, of course, just smile-cry on the street instead. So there wasn't much difference there.

But the point is this: the book is now out in shops. And it is big. And it is exciting. And it is a bit of a dream come true for me. And you are the people who made it happen.

So if you want to get a copy of the book - please feel free to order it from me (HERE) to anywhere in the world, but also feel free to go ask your local book shop to order in a copy for you.

My wonderful publisher Burning Eye Books tells me there's already been a lot of interest in the book from independent book shops and a few bigger chains. But you can make sure the book becomes accessible to other people in your area by asking your local shop to stock it (feel free to talk it up - if you've read it, or let them know you'd want a copy - if you haven't read it yet).

Books like this take off when the people who read it love it. So feel free to read it. And feel free to tell someone you like it (if you do). I would be extremely grateful.

Now: I'm off to go write in a little cottage by the sea for a few days. There's a longer project (will tell you more about it when it's less secret!) that I've been wanting to give more attention for a while. So now it's me, the sea, and some writing.

After that, I'm back to touring Scotland and England for another week and a half. And of course, I will bring you along on the whole adventure. Thank you for going on this journey with me.

Love and solidarity,


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