The Book of Jazz
I'm watching (and now re-watching) Ken Burns' Jazz documentari on Amazon prime. Y'all seen it? if you like the art form, it is gorgeous. I've had books and nother things explaining the history of the music to me, and tonight I thought, well I'll see how these things line up. I went to my warped-page grimoire of book knowledge onlyto realize they are THE SAME THING. This is the written, photo-bound accompaniment to the documentary I had sunk 20 hours of my life to! And I'd read this book when I was 17! Shock, awe, wonder, happiness. Even better, the documentaries itself are stylistic and beautiful,. but the book is much more strictly chronological. I have been aching for that. They keep showing video and photos which were clearly past the date they were discussing. NOW I CAN SEE IT ALL! Must find time to re-read this book and re-watch this series and... Well there goes Februrary. If you like Jazz, check it out. If you don't, well, read this story I wrote about being a young kid at 17 who wants to learn about music much older than herself.