Book One Redux, Page Two


Here's page two of the redux!  With the beautiful logo from Kate Lalime nestled in there, like it as always supposed to be!

This has the old page three and a piece of the old page four.

Again, here, the colors really ring true.  Much more cohesive.  The houses are less defined, but I think it's a good thing.  Cartooning is about making more with less, and over detailing can cause as much trouble as under detailing.  Mount Fis is nice and prominent, and it jives very well with the logo.

I think the best part of this is the consistency in the characters.  On the old pages, the characters not only vary from how they would eventually end up, but they vary in proportions and design from panel-to-panel.  I admit, I'm not as proud of that art now - but I'm still proud of the ambition of the layouts.  Baeve looking over that ridge, it's like something out of a Disney movie.  

I think this time, I really helped it live up to it's original intent.