Book(s) for May
It is about that time again!

I'm in the midst of reading "It's an Old New England Custom..." and hope to get that wrapped up by the end of the week, just in time for the start of May.  I'd like to get next month's books as early as possible so I thought I'd start asking my might dozen backers - you're all great by the way! - what book or books you'd like to see discussed.

Here is my Amazon wish-list (which as ever is only a launch point for ideas, not a fixed list of options).

I noted in the most recent report on "The Vermont Monster Guide" I've not done a book specifically about Maine or Connecticut yet, so I was considering one of the following:

I'm not wedding to any of these and would be happy to go in another direction if anyone has a topic they'd like to get more information about.  I could also discuss one of the book I'd purchased before starting this Patreon- and I could put this month's book money towards better equipment or other podcast niceties...

Please let me know what you think!