Book Six nearing completion
As I may, (or may not) have mentioned, I hit a bit of a wall on the

book about Nikki, William's sister, that was supposed to be the next one

out (it's about half done) so I set it aside to work on Portals of

Infinity, Book Six <no title yet, sorry> while I thought about it.


I just passed 60K words on book six. I have one scene I need to go back

and finish, but other than that, I'm in the final act or 'end game' of

the novel. That's going to be at least another 10K words, but I wouldn't

be surprised if it goes over 20K. 

So depending on how

much I get done this weekend, and how much I beat myself up, anywhere

for 4 to 6 days to finish the first draft. Tomorrow I'm going to

commission the cover from Dane over at ebooklaunch, so I need to come up

with the title tonight. I already know what I want the cover to look

like at least, so that helps.

Then I'll take a few days

off, do the rewrite, and then engage my copy editor and send it off to

them. So, as long as nothing unexpected happens, I think you will see

Book Six published and up for sale before Halloween!