Hello lovely Patrons,

how are you doing today?

Yesterday I got up at ridiculously early in the morning, spent most of the day in various airports, and eventually got to the beautiful city that is Edinburgh. This will be my base for the next week, while I do various gigs and workshops around Scotland. And I'm bringing you along with updates through the whole thing.

Today, I'm back in my old university town, working on a new writing project, and curing a cold with the Scottish Breakfast Tea that I've missed so much. Wish me luck on keeping my voice through the tour!

Tomorrow, the tour starts properly. First gig on the tour: I'm headlining punk poetry extravaganza Sonnet Youth in Glasgow on wednesday the 21st of September. More details about the event (and tickets) are HERE.

If you're in the area - I'd love to see you there! If you're not in the area - tell your friends who are in the area!

Wish me luck on kicking this cold!

Thinking of you all and how you made it possible for me to be able to do this (to release a book! to go on tour! I still can't quite believe it's happening!)

Love and solidarity,