Booking House Concerts for 2017
Hi friends, 

We can't believe we are already filling up the calendar for 2017!  

We are booking House Concerts RIGHT NOW so if you'd like to be a host, or co-host with a friend of yours who has a great house.. please contact us on our email : [email protected]

We are booking a SW Tour in MARCH so anyone in CA, UT, AZ , NM,  lets talk dates ASAP! 

We are going to be doing a lot of fully acoustic shows , no sound systems, no speakers, just Rob and I on our guitars.. this will enable us to tour further and faster.. and it will be easier on my spine :).. 

If you've ever had a Garage Sale.. you can host a House Concert..  Let us know! 

House Concerts are great for us because they are 

#1)  A Focused Environment for the fan -  Giving YOU the listener a chance to truly experience an artist without the loud distractions of a bar. 

#2) A Focused Environment for Musicians- Ever tried to do a handstand while someone was screaming in the background.. that's about how it feels to try to play music in noisy bars.. it's difficult.. House Concerts allow us to have conversations.. with fans that WANT to hear the music.. 

#3) - An Opportunity for Community-  House Concerts create a safe and warm space for people to connect to each other, have conversations, and when it's time, share in the experience of a concert together. Often friendships are formed at House Concerts, just because of the home environment that music is *served* in. 

You can see why they are a win win for everyone! 

Hopefully our paths will lead us to where you are this year!  If it's not booked now.. lets make it happen!  

Thanks again for allowing us to be who we are and take our music as far as it can go ..