I know it's Black Friday and all that jazz, but I finally got this set up and ready to go. Patrons get first pick!

Bookmarks are $17 apiece, or $13 if you get them with something else (an Etsy card, another bookmark, artwork, etc). If you're a $15/$25 patron getting a sketch this month, I'll send it with that and you'll get the lower price.


I can't update this smaller image but I the one at the link I can update whenever a claim is made. All sales are first come, first served, one of a kind, etc. 

Special: I'd prefer to sell the 8 herbs as a set, so those would be $89 for the set, which is a nice discount off the already-discounted price.

To Claim a Bookmark: comment here or send me a message, and I'll make you a Paypal invoice so you can give me your sweet bits and bytes, which I will turn into cat food via magic plastic.

Questions? Comment!

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