Books Make Dreams Come True

Aug 2, 2021

This name is as much the title of our next story as it is an undeniable truth.

I am sure that everybody who enjoys reading knows that a book is a gateway into another realm, a dreamy one. And the color of this dream is yours to decide. As soon as you have picked your book and opened its covers, your decision is more or less final. At least until you reach the last page or reality sucks you out of your dream.

Books can be an escape from the tristesse of life. And the life of Lin, the heroine/protagonist of our story, got a bit stalemate recently. Although her life is generally pretty good, and she also likes her job as a sales assistant in a lingerie store, she feels something gnawing at her that needs to be satisfied.

As she happens to be single at the moment, she let herself get talked into trying out an erotic anthology of lewd stories that recently appeared in the underground of Trinity.

The story will start on Lin’s way home to her date with this book.

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