There goes the last two milestones in one night! Thank you to everyone who has pushed this project so far.

The first milestone was to begin upgrading the old maps (pre-Dragon's-Lair) to the new format. I will be rescanning, retouching and reformatting each. This means they will be:

  • Much higher resolution and print with better definition (see image)
  • Easier to print, with Letter sized PDFs in every package
  • Larger and better optimized for Roll20

The second milestone was to remove the minimum price on the Premium maps! They are now all available for free with optional tips for non-Patrons, and all future maps will be released on the same model.

Now we're clear out of milestones! Besides switching to the mythical full time, I have no milestone-worthy goals except to keep on chugging crafting maps, videos and tutorials, none of which I intend to lock behind a milestone. So if you have any ideas for future milestones, please leave a comment!