There it is. Up and running! Welcome!! Welcome one and all to my world. I've been developing this plot since Christmas - Happy Christmas to me - and you! And while it's been gestating, there's been shag loads of other work going on in the background as well. 

The big priority at the moment is a series of artists books that have been on the back burner - 'Dust and Dispersal', (gallery and domestic editions), 'The Home' (folio/zine and leperello editions), 'Chumpton Riots' (new zine) and a couple of small unique books for gifts for a friend that have led to the re-invigoration of Zach's '57 Pavements' from 14 years ago...

While I'm crazily busy at the moment, you can find images of all of these things over on my Instagram -

I've got some more recent studio shots on the camera to upload later this week in the next post once the dreaded Tax Return gets done!!  Such deep Joy.

Peace y'all.