Boom Racing Boomerang Type E and Boomerang Type I Shock Overview
The major overhaul of my Axial RR10 Bomber has begun, and the first stop on the upgrade list is shocks. While most of my vehicles have received some sort of shock upgrade in the past, those upgrades have primarily used Pro-Line's PowerStroke Performance Shocks. For the RR10, I am taking a different approach and am using Boom Racing's Boomerang Type E and Boomerang Type I shocks. While this is primarily for looks and appearance, I do like the overall construction of these shocks and have been very happy in what I've seen from them during limited indoor testing. Follow RCNewb for more radio-controlled goodness • Check out for photos, videos, news, and more - • Follow RCNewb on Twitter - • Like RCNewb on Facebook - • Follow RCNewb on Google+ - • See the latest R/C news on our Pinterest page - • Subscribe to the RCNewb YouTube channel for unboxing vids, demos, and more -
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