Boost Runs For Patreons
FInally the time is here folks!!!!! Saturday nights will be RAID boost night for you guys,  (19:00 uk / 20:00cet) Please be online and ready for an invite. 

The boost will consist of Full EN Heroic Clear (and Probarbly ToV normal however this cant be guarenteed)

We have agreed to this in the guild and we will adhere to it where possible. 

There will always be one Patreon and One Giveaway winner in the Boost, so if desperate for a run stop by the channel for the giveaways which will be on Wednesday Nights. 

Please Be aware that After the Wednesday Night raid we will also be boosting Mythic keystones (2-7) there are some exclusions, Vault, HoV, Arc will generally not be boosted as they take too long to do. 

Patreons will be given priority on keystone boosting however this is subject to the boost Group's Decision

The first boost will be given to Jurocell on 10/12/16