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Booze & Tunes Challenge (Anna vs Kat)
Hello lovelies! All links are below!

Firstly, I'd like to thank my best friend Kat for doing this video with me. The booze and tunes challenge was a really fun video to make. It involved picking 10 random songs each and having to guess a) the title, b) the artist and, c) the album within the first 30 seconds. One point was allocated per category correctly guessed, as well as an additional 2 points were allocated if all guessed correctly in the first 20 seconds. Hopefully, Kat will be appearing in some more videos on this channel. Until then, I will be uploading poetry videos and vlogs.

Kat’s Channel: (unfortunately Kat's channel is not up and running just yet but it will be soon - stay tuned!)

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The Best Friend Challenge:

‘Bros before Hoes’ Poetry Re-speaking:

‘Bros before Hoes’ Original Video:

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Thanks for watching. I hope you liked it :)

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