BORUTO: Naruto the Next Generation! Video Game Showdown!
Still working on the title.

taking a break from patron and Devainart commissions. BTW changes to rewards dont effect current patrons they get same reward for feburary.

Anywho I am taking a week/2 week break to work on my doujinshi manga  based in the Boruto timeline, but with my oc Mariko Nobuyuki, daughter of Juugo, who is a great gamer and first time ever the land of spring sends news across the five nations of its great video game showdown and invites all young players to come compete. Mariko attends this tournament, but with a bad feeling with this Naruto sends along Boruto, Shikada, Inojin, and Sarada along with Mariko, being a chunin, She is the captain of this little squad, but this isn't a mission to her.

Once in the land of Spring they meet a man, who was once a great rouge shinobi that once threaten the pease, but after altering his appearnce he doesnt catches attention. However his evil intentions still hacen't faded as the games is a trap to use a newly develop ninjustu-genjustu to take over and destroy the long-lasted peace and cause the world to become slaves. Only Boruto, Shikada, Inojin, and Sarada are the only hopes to stop this mad man as Mariko is trapped in this jutsu forcing her body to let the curse power inside her to come loose. With a Special hero coming saving the day!

how is that? I am working on the title, but Patrons get all first looks and page by page work as it gets done by sketch to finished. 

Devainart I will offer in a purchase download  lovelies will get to download finished works and all the characters in the story refs and a poster design signed by me! :)