#BOSSLEDE has some questions and good advices for you
This one hour audio right here says everything I have felt, the mistakes I have said (check it out inside from my other post if it's not here.. regarding my beliefs and thinking, of course, I am constantly.. who doesn't?), but as a cockeyed optimist who only has a precious moments to enjoy just like today, I'sd say what I feel just like I did when I made this recording I'd like to share with you before I empty my phone memory. Only get what you need because you don't have to get it all.

 I know it is super long and I don't change for sending and posting long messages, but I am a positive thinker too and now you could be influenced how to feel crazy but how to stay happy while you are alive.

I turned 41 on the 5th this  and this is mines' gift and this is how I heal my heart until I can heal it because I heart my heart, I heart our friendship, I heart your face and sorry, if I  HEART YOU! 

I don't normally post or share my feelings on politics, religions, celebrities and politicians as it is always goes down a never ending rabbit hole andsince no one can take care of a lot and wants to divide people, then I'd copy what O.I. and Jen Hemphill would always say, "Ikaw muna bago ang bayan" and "Focus on what you can control.".

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