Today, we woke up at 5 am to start our trip from NYC to Boston. It is the first time that I am visiting this city, which means that I am very excited! The trip there took 4 hours where we got to see the beautiful landscape of orange, yellow and red trees. One of the amazing things about leaving NYC is that once you leave the city it becomes a complete different world, where nature is the main character. We got off at South Station (a beautiful old building that reminded us the clock tower from Back to the Future haha). We walk around for a little bit just to get a general sense of the city. It was funny to me that after visiting Philadelphia and Washington DC I could feel that these cities have certain feeling in common. Although, in Boston we felt a particular good energy. We got a coffee and a sandwich and started our journey to the Museum of Fine Arts. We decided to go walking even though it was going to take about 45 minutes. It was a good opportunity to get to look at the city! We walk through the Boston Public Garden and Commonwealth Avenue. It was a good choice! We were happy to realise that we chose a good time of the year to visit. Vibrant red, yellow and orange trees everywhere. 

Eventually we got to the museum. It was a nice surprise to realise that it has a very nice collection of American Art: Gilbert Stuart, Whistler and of course Sargent. The rockstar of the museum is Sargent’s piece The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit. To see this painting in person was outstanding. It is a classic, an icon, and for good reasons. The composition, the way takes you through the space and the way that solves shape and light is brilliant. One of the things that I liked the most about the display is that right next to the painting they show the two big vases that are included in the painting. The vases are beautiful by themselves but to see the contrast between the actual object and the way that they are represented in the painting is enlightening. The loose brushstrokes, the choices in color, plus the relationship that these object establish with the rest of the element on the painting are just great. To me, this painting is particularly interesting because shows the ability of Sargent to solve problems of illusion and pictorial language beyond what we can see in his portraits that, for my particular taste, sometimes feels a little bit formulaic. This feels like a painter’s challenge. A challenge of illusion an abstraction, understanding of light and hierarchy of information.

After almost 3 hours walking around the museum, and exhausted, we decided to leave. We didn’t get to check all the European collection because there was going to be some kind of event so that area was closed :(. We keep the hope to go back before our trip is over. After dinner and finally in our room, we are ready to go to bed with the feeling that Boston is open to gives us as much as it promised. 

- Lucía

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