Bottled Six thumbnails

Folks seem to have enjoyed seeing the quick thumbnails I posted yesterday showing how I test out compositions before starting on a final piece. These are some possible ideas/poses I might use for a series of drawing depicting an anthropomorphic Mane SIx as genies. These may or may not be the poses I will use for the final drawings, but they give me a starting point to work from. 

       One thing I am experimenting with this series is different ideas for the vessels they'd reside in, instead of the cliche lamp. So for RD it would be the sport/gym water bottle. Fluttershy a Pokeball. Twilight a book. Rarity's would the closest to traditional although I might make it a perfume dispenser. AJ's will be a stoneware jug, and Pinkie's will be either a present of a pinata. 

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