On my Recent trip to Budapest i had lined up a Boudoir shoot ,

I reached out and i found this great model , I will admit she has done the editing on these photos , The only reason why i let her do it was because she shared work she done with me before and it was great , I have also been super busy and unable to get around to editing , So Edit credit goes to her , you can find her on this link if you decide to work with her https://www.modelmayhem.com/4151468 

I Find Boudoir shooting to be a very intimate process and you have to be trusted as a photographer , Not only to Take good shots but to make the model feel comfortable , after all we had only met 20 minutes before the above picture was taken and she was already in her lingerie ,

Posing a model can be hard when there is a slight language barrier , yes she has awesome English but sometimes i spoke a bit to fast or i used slang that she wouldn't understand , So with Boudoir Patience is a must 

Let me know if you would like just the photos or little stories or notes as i go along , if you would like the Meta Data from the camera or any other information