Boudoir is Bootiful
I'm loving how this shoot came out, Olivia was a dream to shoot.

Because of how "risque" boudoir photography's rep is, I thought I'd educate the masses a little!

Boudoir is a french word from the 18th century, meaning a woman's bedroom or "private room". The term directly translates as "sulking room". Now, however, Boudoir has become synonymous with "sexy pic you take for your partner before a wedding". That's...only part of it.

Boudoir Photography is an intense experience for both photographer and subject. First of all, you need to foster a trusting environment and experience for your subject. This is especially important if she (or he, dudeoir is a thing) has never modeled before. Or never modeled in their underoos! So, communication is key! Being able to talk about your expectations for the shoot, and their level of comfort is so important. If your model isn't happy and calm, your photos will reflect that.

Once you've established a relationship with your model, next up is wardrobe. Either finding pieces that fit your model perfectly (perhaps they're from her own collection, or you've requested their measurements ahead of time) are hugely important. The last thing you want to do is photoshop an uneven piece of bustier in every shot you end up loving. (Trust me. I've been there.) Another thing you might need is clamps or clothespins to create the visual effect that any bustier fits perfectly. Also, inserts for smaller busted ladies are a girls best friend. Don't judge, sometimes you need a little va va voom!

Finally, have fun! These shoots aren't meant to be "sulking"! Unless that's the kind of look you're going for, I suppose! Be confident, regardless if you're shooting or posing! Everyone looks good in lingerie. That's not up for discussion. Also, when it comes to posing, laughing and smiling because you're having fun will always look better than internally thinking "oh no... is my arm straight? Do I look ok? What am I *doing* here?" Relax! Enjoy. Be Bootiful. ;)