BOUNDLESS-0.2.1 INDEV Experimental Branch


HEY KIDS– wanna do me a favorkinda/just mess around with some stuff for a bit!?

I’m going to have to rest for a little while, but I’ve been going through this optimized (not perfectly– there’s still some stuff I don’t know how to do yet, and still some stuff I need to finish doing) build of Boundless and patching things up, checking for things that still need reconnecting, and making a list of broken bits so I can get them taken care of.

Feel free to give it a spin, and if you feel inclined, let me know when you see stuff acting funny!

This build includes the new savestate feature; the game will automatically save your progress from the Explore screen, and if you close it or open it in a new tag, it’ll pick up where you left off!

As always for Indev builds, but especially in this case, expect bugs; once I wake up, I’ll get back to work tidying things up to the point where I can call this thing part of the official branch!

Thanks! :2

P.S. - What I’m thinking I’m going to do with this experimental build is work

on debugging it and update the download with hotfixes as I go, since it’s really important to try to get this one as clean and playable as possible before pushing ahead with development!

Lastly, if you find yourself having trouble going back to play earlier builds after you’ve tested this one, try running the Experimental build one more time and deleting your save data (there’s a button in Options, and one at the title screen, for doing so) and see if that helps.