Bow or crossbow?
This is Dan from Rabid Hamster Workshop and I have a question to ask our patrons about the second character that we plan to release for CBL. Our second character will be our dwarven ranger (guide) with some rogue trapfinding abilities. His character build will be based off being a switch-hitter, a character than can easily switch between ranged and melee weapons during combat but his feats are not totally focused on either one. His background will revolve around him being a guide for hire for leading expeditions into dungeons, crypts, caverns, and other hazardous locations. His main favored terrains will be underground and urban (sewers). Now, the question I would like to ask to our patrons is - Should our dwarven ranger's feats be centered around him using a bow or a crossbow for ranged combat? Bows are much more powerful in Pathfinder compared to crossbows, but dwarves are usually associated with using crossbows. Let us know what you think our ranger should use. Also, if you have a particular name that you would like us to use for this character, please feel free to let us know as well. We want to give our patrons some say to what we create for CBL. After our 2nd character is finished, we will poll our patrons on which character in our lineup we should do for our 3rd release. Dan
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