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Bow Wow!
Oops! A tiny bit late on this update, this weekend was a little busy. Since hitting the latest milestone, that means this update has OVER 30 IMAGES of content! Biggest update to date. From here on out, every update will have at least 30 images. Sooooo much drawing *w* That also means that this week when I get home from work I will be compiling a little figurine update for next weekend's post! I can't wait to share my process with everyone and finally show off some of the stuff I made during my college studies. Postcards for last month's supporters have been mailed out, and .zip files have been messaged to supporters! Thanks everyone! (Another oops: I copied the wrong message to the $3 supporters that I meant to send to certain $1 supporters! Well, accumulated support still applies and I REALLY appreciate everyone's contributions. The link should still be the appropriate one for this week's update though. I just wanted to comment on that to deter any confusion, haha!)