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Bowie 2 ~ 2U

Bowie 2 ~ 2U

I'm sorry love

I didn't see it coming

I didn't hear the thrumming

Of your heart in mine

Your heart in mine

That beats in time

O sacred whore

O sacrosanct

The meal you stole

And never 8

The role you played

Before you strayed

What pain is this? He cried

Those tears of joy.

He asked her, crumbling

Brushing, bleeding, numbing:

Heal my hands

And I'll heal yours

The gunning hours, and running

sunning coming.

Sweet sycophant

I love you

And there's nothing else to say

But Steal it back,

Steal it back,

My heart, my light, my love.

Mettā, 2016-01-10

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