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Bowie Brain v1.1 Posted
The central command of the robot (aka the BRAIN) for Bowie is now posted. Connectors labeled, pinout sheet added, and the bill of materials is ready. Let's dive in to the details!

➡️ Check it out on Github

The Robot Missions Bowie Brain Board has ports for 6 servos, connections for 4 DC motors (2 controlled independently), can measure the current draw from the servos or DC motors, and has several connections for extendable modules. Microcontroller uses a Teensy 3.6 for full functionality including data logging, or a Teensy 3.2.

Here are all the connection pinouts:

To see all the pin usage, there is this handy spreadsheet

Up next is the Bill of Materials. For the sources, we tried to keep it mainly to Digikey, except for some breakouts that are at Pololu, and one cable that is at Adafruit. Also in the sources is A2D Electronics, which is an electronics webstore that our intern runs in Ottawa, and has great prices and support. 

This board was designed in gEDA, you can edit it in pcb-rnd.

Released under the CERN Open Hardware License v1.2

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Another step forwards to releasing the entire robot open source to the world. It will be interesting to see if this board ends up being used in different robots, other than Bowie.

Thanks Patreon backers for helping cover some costs of this project - specific example here is ordering the latest brain boards 😃👍