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Bowie Casual
So after David Bowie died, everyone and their momma started making tribute art to him. I am no exception; I started this a while ago as my next timelapse video subject and just finished it up this week. I wanted to veer away from his iconic images and try to find something more candid, with him actually SMILING for once (for some reason that's incredibly hard to find, a picture of Bowie smiling). Luckily Greg Gorman did a photoshoot with him for the David Bowie Rare album cover that I absolutely loved the results of. David just being goofy and casual and happy. That's just how I would have wanted to remember him anyway.

The whole thing was quicker than the Neko piece-- the video is only about a minute and a half long-- and about half of the time spent on this one was just navigating the folds of his stripey shirt!

Watch the timelapse video here:

(digital painting)