The Bowling Green Massacre (that never happened)

So apparently KellyAnne Conway invented a massacre to justify Trump's actions. I don't know if she's taking something she shouldn't, or not taking something she should.

But this isn't about that. The Bowling Green Massacre didn't happen, but you know people will believe it did. The same people who don't believe Sandy Hook happened. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. In the meantime, Twitter is having as much fun with this as they did with #PenceBlackHistory and #DressLikeAWoman earlier. We can protest, or we can vent with humor. Or vent when we're not protesting. Whatever.

I submit for you some highlights already (or at least the ones that have made me literally laugh out loud) and some of my own snarkiness, too. I apologize now for my inability to figure out how to embed the actual tweets.