Boxing a Couple Gifts
As you undoubtedly know if you live in Great Britain or a British Commonwealth country, today is The Feast of Stephen (or Steven), known more commonly as Boxing Day (as commemorated in that Boxing Day carol Good King Wenceslas).  It is a day on which persons who have anything to spare put it in boxes and deliver it to the poor--I'm guessing because of the connection that before he was famed as the first Christian martyr, Stephen was well known as one of the seven "deacons" who organized the aid to poor widows within the Jerusalem church.  My offering for this day amounts to the most recent installment of Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 42, Kondor 14, in which Joe meets and aids a legend, and the behind-the-writings look in web log post #33:  Novel Struggles, covering a couple of Philadelphia fights and a few other character challenges.  Enjoy.