a Boy 2,5h pencil practice
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$1 or more per month 0 patrons
 like the number of paintings Vermeer sold. With your help, I should have more luck! with this pledge you get:
  • early access to my art!

thanks a lot!

Renessaince Trio
$3 or more per month 2 patrons
Number 3 stands for Da Vinci, Buonarotti, Santi and the pyramid composition. you get:
  • early access to my art
  • step-by-step pictures of my art
  • doodles, trashed drawings, drafts
  • access to real-time and bonus videos 
  • the right to choose the subject of my illustrations in polls (once $100 goal accomplished)


$35 or more per month 0 of 10 patrons
35 is how old Gauguin was when he started taking painting seriously and dropped his job as a stockbroker. I see that you're taking me seriously too, so you get:
  • all previous rewards
  • the right to commission me a simple b&w  illustration every month!

thanks a lot!

$100 or more per month 0 of 3 patrons
Rembrandt painted around 100 self-portraits and made hundreds of graphics, just like I am trying to do. you can get a big one from me, because you get:
  • all previous rewards, except that:
  • you can commission me a more small full color illustration every month
  • a printed totebag from my redbubble store! (one time reward)

big thanks!

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